This is the spirit that drives Edil Trade, a firm specialising in the sale of residential and commercial properties, en bloc or in single units, which has led us to become a clear-cut point of contact in real estate advisory services.

Over thirty years, our clients have brought us increasingly detailed, diverse, and complex needs. And we tackled those needs along with them because we believe that expertise is never completely attained but continuously renewed. It is the outcome of an unstoppable journey, always in step with the times, to pay attention to what is new and possible.

Following this principle, we grew, broadening our skills to adapt to the market’s increasingly complex and divergent needs. Following our intuition has allowed us to anticipate needs and solutions, always with the courage to be innovative.

This is how we formulate advice, by being at the client’s side to provide more than just the service.



Thirty years of real estate experience in sales, property trading, and consulting create a highly professional and reliable profile.



Dynamic and charismatic in client relations, he has always offered his technical expertise to serve the sales strategies.