P.zza della Repubblica, 6 - 20124 Milan


About Us

Moving in the markets. Anticipate new solutions. Knowing how to change perspectives, viewing Global.

That is the spirit that drives Edil Trade. That led us to be a reference point in advising, for renting and transaction of luxury residential buildings or commercial properties. In over thirty years, our clients have brought us more and more articulated different, complex requirements. We have moved and improved with them.

In our view expertise is a skill that can never be reached completely, but update itself all the time, the result of a unstoppable course of events, always up to date, tended to listening what's new and possible. This is our way of generating advice. Being next to a customer to give him something that goes beyond a services.

Buildings, apartments, penthouses, lofts, attics. Venues for companies and the private sector. Restructuring, New developments. Our properties and our construction sites tell a the story of success. A success under the eyes of everyone.

Global vision must express a variety of services. Our facilities are the demonstration of what can be offered today in response to all demands of the real estate's activity. For all that is before, during and after a purchasing transaction. Everything that makes us a solid and reliable Company. Your next real estate partner.


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